Mosquito Nets for Kenya

Mosquito Nets for Kenya | A project sponsored by the Health Advocates

In Africa ten new cases of Malaria develop every second. Across the world, it causes 350 to 500 million illnesses per year and kills more than a million people – mostly children under the age of five. In Africa, a child dies from a malarial infection every 30 seconds! A vaccine for malaria is not yet available, but there is something quite inexpensive that can prevent it.

A simple insecticide treated bed net like the one shown below creates a protective barrier from infected mosquito bites for up to 5 years for those who sleep under it. The net also, ultimately, makes the whole community safer by killing mosquitoes that would go on to bite others. Unfortunately, even the average cost of $5 to $10 per net is beyond the reach of most people threatened by malaria – who survive on an average of $1 or less per day.

The Health Advocates of St. Paul’s through Sunday morning bake sales, a bake sale hosted at the Upper Perkiomen Child Care Center and individuals contributions raised $1020 to purchase mosquito nets for Vicar Jack Ambuka’s village and neighboring villages in Kenya.


Mosquito Nets Project | letter from Jack Ambuka

I wanted to give you, the health advocate team, child care families and congregation a brief report concerning the mosquito net project. I wired the gift from St. Paul’s of $1,020 through western union to the local parish situated in Essumba, a small village that lies west of Kenya where I was raised.

The pastor set up a “mosquito nets project committee” of 10 people that will oversee the buying and distribution of nets to families. The report I received yesterday indicates that dozens of mosquito nets boxes have been purchased. The total number of nets was 150. This number will be able to assist at least 100 families. Several single people will also benefit. The committee prioritized pregnant women and families with children.

The word on the street there has it that people of the village are so ecstatic, happy and thankful to St. Paul’s for donating money that purchased mosquito nets for the people of Essumba village. Families including members of St John’s church gathered to receive the mosquito nets. I have included some pictures of the pastor distributing some of the nets. Once again, on behalf of the people of Kenya, I say thank you. You have hugely contributed to the well being of the people of this village. Malaria will be kicked out from the homes of those who will benefit from the net. Thanks and God bless. – Jack Ambuka.

Jack Ambuka served his pastoral internship at St. Paul’s from August 2009 – August 2010. Jack is originally from Kenya and now resides in Ambler, PA. He is currently in his senior year at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia in preparation for ordination in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.