ELCA Disaster Response

Youth raise Funds for Disaster Relief

On March 11, 2011, an earthquake with a 9.0 magnitude shook the coast of Japan and caused a tsunami which claimed many lives, homes and loved ones.

Members of the St. Paul’s Junior Youth asked, “What can we do for the people in Japan?”

The youth decided to hold a bake sale on May 1 before and after each service at St. Paul’s.  Their efforts raised three hundred dollars for the Disaster Relief Fund to assist those impacted by the earthquake and tsunami. The bake sale also inspirited additional individuals gifts totaling fifteen hundred dollars toward disaster relief.

The Junior Youth “Bake Sale”, Spaghetti Dinners, and individual contributions are a few examples of how the community at St. Paul’s comes together to provide assistance to disaster victims through Lutheran Disaster Response.

The Disaster Fund of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America provides direct aid that supports and serves the long-term needs of individuals, families, and communities affected by disaster.

U.S. Severe Storms

Deadly tornadoes in 2011 caused severe destruction in many of the southern and mid-west states Elsewhere, communities face a continued threat of unprecedented flooding.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Response:

The ELCA, through Lutheran Disaster Response, issued several emergency grants to affiliate organizations around the country. A $10,000 grant was given to Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota to support response efforts in the Red River Valley, which creates the natural border between Minnesota and North Dakota. L will play a key leadership in the unfolding response on both sides of the river. A $10,000 grant was also given to Lutheran Services in Tennessee to support the efforts of volunteers throughout the Southeastern Synod (Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee). Additional support for long-term recovery is planned also for Missouri, Illinois, and North Carolina. All of these grants will support and serve the long-term needs of individuals, families, and communities affected by these storms.

Contributions to the Disaster Relief Fund of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America may be made to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church – Red Hill and placed in the offering plate or mailed to the church office.