SEPA Synod Partnership

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is one church in three expressions – congregations, synods and the churchwide organization.  These three expressions are interconnected and interdependent.

Our English word synod comes from two Greek words syn + hodos that literally means “a way together.” In and through synods, congregations and other ministries “walk together.”

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod is organized into nine geographic conferences working in partnership throughout the five county area of southeastern Pennsylvania to nurture disciples of Christ.  Together we bear witness to the love of God through service to our neighbor locally and throughout the world.  By partnering together we do what we could not do alone.

Secretary Clinton Highlights Lutheran Social Ministry

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton noted the vital work of Lutheran social ministry organizations in welcoming refugees to the United States, during her Dec. 7 address at the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugee’s ministerial conference in Geneva. In her presentation to world leaders,

Clinton shared a story about Fatuma Elmi, who applied for asylum in the United States after civil war broke out in her native Somalia in 1991. Settled in Minneapolis, Elmi has worked as an employment counselor at Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota for the past 17 years. She has been able to find jobs for 79 percent of her clients this year, despite the difficult economy. Elmi’s life is “clear evidence of the wisdom of investing in women,” said Clinton, adding that the United States would be delivering 28 pledges to the conference, one designed to build awareness on a major “cause of statelessness, which is discrimination against women,” she said.

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Missionaries to Tanzania | Representing SEPA Congregations

You can now follow the work of Susan and Tom MacPherson, who are representing Lutheran congregations from SEPA as missionaries in Tanzania, via their new blog called Partners in Mission. Recent posts cover their adjustment to their new home and their challenges studying Kiswahili, their new primary language.

Though the MacPhersons are volunteer missionaries, receiving no salary or stipend, they do have service related expenses such as fuel, food, utilities and others. Your financial support as well as your prayers would be greatly appreciated. Contributions to support this missionary work may be placed in an envelop or mailed to the church office with your name and marked SEPA Missionary.

Woven Together by a Common Mission
Congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

We are one of 10,000 congregations that form that tapestry which is the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  .

We are woven together, members and congregations of the ELCA.  Our many stories are part of a larger story. It is a story of generosity and faith. Small towns, large suburbs, congregations young and old coming together.

Each of our stories as unique.  Each of our stories are  connected by our common mission to be the body of Christ in the world.

Reaching out to help | ELCA Disaster Response

We are a church that rolls up our sleeves and gets to work when people are in need.

Through ELCA Disaster Response, we are there when catastrophes strike, from tornado ravaged Joplin, Mo., to the flooded homes and fields of North Dakota to the battered coastal cities of post-earthquake Japan.

Together we are doing God’s work with our hands.

Martin Luther | Sinner and Saint

Lutheran congregations trace theirs roots directly to the Protestant Reformation that took place in Europe in the 16th century.

Martin Luther, a German monk, became aware of differences between the Bible and church practices of the day. His writings, lectures and sermons inspired others to protest church practices and call for reform.

For more information on the ministry of Martin Luther or the work of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, please click here.