Appalachia Service Project (ASP)
An inter-generational home repairs ministry.

See slide show on the right of servant trips to Appalachia.

Our congregation’s first servant trip in 1988 to Appalachia included eight youth and adults. Our current involvement includes four teams totaling 24 youth and adults. July 2012 marks the 25th year of our congregation’s home

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repairs ministry through ASP.

How can a region like Appalachia be so rich in natural resources be so poor? You can’t build factories on mountainsides. You can’t plant crops. And for more than a hundred years, natural resources have been removed from the region. The result is that jobs are few and far between. For many of these families, their modest houses-handed down from generation to generation-are the only real possession they have. But houses need maintenance. And when your resources are limited, fixing a hole in the roof is a low priority. Into this bleak environment, ASP shines a ray of hope. With help from volunteers from across the country, ASP repairs more homes than any agency working in Appalachia.

Pastor Bixby

25th Anniversary Service | Congregational service in ASP

A combined worship hour was held on Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 9:15 AM to celebrate the 25th year of congregational service in the home repairs ministry of the Appalachia Service Project.

Pastor Bill Bixby, campus pastor at Thiel College in Greenville, Pennsylvania, and his wife Sandy joined us on July 28 for an ASP reunion picnic and worship on July 29. Pastor Bixby served the congregation from 1986 to 1990 and was among the first participants to represent St. Paul’s in the Appalachia Service Project. He was the guest preacher at the worship service on July 29.

Communities served by St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church – Red Hill through the Appalachia Service Project since the congregation’s first servant trip in 1988 include:

1988, Wyoming Couny – West VA • 1989, Knott City – KY • 1990, Lloyd County – KY • 1991, Campbell County – LaFallette, TN • 1992, Mingo County – Matewan, WV • 1993, Russell County – St. Paul,VA • 1994, Knott City – Chavies, KY • 1995, Wise County – Clintwood,VA • 1996, Letcher County – Whitesburg, KY • 1997, McDowell County – Panther,WV •1998, Johnson City , TN • 1999, Lloyd County-Wheelwright, KY • 2000, Wise County – West VA • 2001, Russell County – Cleveland, VA • 2002, Mingo County – Matewan, WV • 2003, Floyd County – McDowell, KY • 2004, Lincoln, West VA • 2005, Carter County, TN • 2006, Letcher County, KY • 2007, Wyoming County, West VA • 2008, Hancock County, TN • 2009, Mullens, West Virgina • 2010, Buchanan County, VA • 2011, Clay Conty, KY • 2012 Newland, NC

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ASP website: click here.

ASP | God’s Work. Our Hands | A video by Jame Mauer | July 2009

An overview of the Appalachia Service Project