Faith in Action

Every day, in a million ways, members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America are making the world a better place. In far reaches of the globe, and right here in our neighborhood, you’ll see that Lutherans aren’t folks who simply talk about their beliefs. We put them into action.

At St. Paul’s – Red Hill, here are a few ways our faith is put in action:

Appalachia Service Project where youth and adults come together to touch lives and make homes warmer, safer and dryer through this intergenerational home repairs ministry.

Disaster Response where we join other Lutheran congregations in responding to national and global disasters.

Health Advocate Ministry where we support the well being of others through support and information on health issues.

Food Pantry where we respond to local hunger needs.

Prayer Partners where youth and adults join together in praying for specific people, local and global concerns.

Upper Perkiomen Child Care Center where we care for children on a daily basis and provide a positive climate for learning and growth.

Victory House Food Kitchen where youth and adults prepare and serve meals to a local shelter in the city of Bethlehem.

Visitors where congregational members visit others who are homebound or hospitalized.

Worship Assistants where youth and adults share in worship leadership roles.

World Hunger Appeal where we share financial gifts locally and globally to address hunger needs.

The Thrift Shop of the Upper Perkiomen Valley, Upper Perkiomen Senior Center, The Open Line and Lion’s Club where individuals within our faith community give back through the sharing of time and gifts.

Faith in action is a focal point of our mission. Individuals and organizations of the congregation are actively involved in daily service, at work and in a number of volunteer positions. By serving, we witness to the new life shared with us in Christ Jesus.

Links to several of the organizations we related to:

Pastoral Intern Jack Ambuka, originally from Kenya, (left) working with other volunteers to prepare a meal at Victory House.