Congregational Council
Provides leadership in the life of St. Paul’s.
The first Wednesday of the month at 7:30 PM

Robert Foreman, President
Gary Hager
Janet Hill
Donna Montich, Secretary
Jason Launders, Co-Vice President
Cindy Marks
Luke McGrotty
Henry Thomas, Co-Vice President
Barry Troxel
Brian Uber
Wayne Shelor, Interim Pastor
Robert Walp

Appalachia Service Project
An inter-generational home repairs ministry.
Gary Hager, Coordinator
Ron Rodenberger, Publications
Amy McPherson, Treasurer

Cemetery Committee meets the third Monday of the month at 7:00 PM
Care and maintenance of the cemetery.
Matthew Stever, Chairperson
Brian Stever, Vice Chairperson – Equipment Coordinator
Barry Troxel, Secretary
Chad Grim, Treasurer
Henry Thomas, Member at Large

Christian Education meets the first Wednesday of even numbered months at 7:00 PM
Coordinating the educational ministries and program.
Cradle Roll. Donna Stever
Nursery. Amy Stever, Donna Stever, Nancy Yerger.
Pre K & K., Agnes Walp
Gr, 1 & 2, Alice & Gary Hager,
Gr. 3 & 4 Erin Uber
Gr 5 & 6, Bob Foreman and Bob Walp,
Alex Foreman & Carl Klinger, Fin Sec
Pat Klinger, Superintendent

Evangelism meets as scheduled
Identifies ways we can reach out to our neighbors and invites others to growth with us in faith and service.
Reorganizing presently.

Finance meets the first Wednesday of every month at 6:45 PM
Provides oversight to congregational and child care finances.
George Bonekemper (C), Chairperson
Joanne Hersh, Secretary
Henry Thomas (C)
Jason Launders
Donna Montich

Kitchen Committee meets as needed
Donna Stever, Chairperson
Donna Stever, Reporter
Leroy Stevens
Joanne Hersh
John Hinkle
Paul Godshall
Floyd and Betty Treffinger
Joan Wood
Sandy Bergey

Health Advocates meets monthly
A ministry of support and education.
Janet Hill (C)
Shirley Keyser
Nina Fehnel
Linda Shagg
Diane McMurtrie
Donna Stever

Internship Support meets monthly as scheduled
Provides support and mentoring to the pastoral intern.
Adjourned at this time – will reorganize when we have a new Intern

Property meets the first Monday of every month at 7:00 PM
Provides for the care and maintenance of the church building and 45 acre campus.
John Sheeran, Chairperson
John Hinkle, Secretary
Barry Troxel ( C )
Laverne Keyser ( C)
Matt Stever
Larry Weiss
Cheryl Weiss

Scouting  Liaison: Alice Hager (Cub Scouts)

Social Ministry
Service and witness activities that support faith in daily life.
Social Ministry activities are supported by various congregational organizations.

The congregation is a sponsoring organization for Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts and the Blood Drive.  The congregation includes in its social, educational and outreach ministries the Upper Perkiomen Child Care Center, Lunch Bunch Shower of Blessings, Appalachia Service Project (inter-generational home repairs), World Hunger Appeal and local food pantry, Domestic and International Disaster Response, Victory House Soup Kitchen, and partnership with Free Indeed Prison Ministries, Inc.

Stewardship meets as needed
Provides ways for individuals to reflect upon God’s gifts of time, talent and financial resources.
Robert Foreman
Robert Walp
Pastoral Intern

Worship and Music meets as needed
Provides support to the worship and music life of the congregation.
Jason Launders (C)
Musicians: Margie Rodenberger
Bread Bakers:  Leigh Hansen – Coordinator
Altar Guild: Barbara Miller & Bonnie Haubert Coordinator of Paraments, Communion set-up and wash up
Ushers/Worship Assistants: Lori Frank, Coordinator
Christmas Decorations: Barbara Miller, Diane Landis, Jan Woertz
Altar Flowers: Karen Quinn; Parish Administrative Assistant

Victory House
Soup Kitchen Ministry
Laura Foreman, Coordinator

Youth Advisors
Robert Foreman
Laura Foreman
Rich Kressley

Many of the areas of service listed here and throughout this website began by one or two persons seeing a particular need, commending it to prayer and then sharing of themselves in response to Christ’s love.  We thank them for their vision and invite you to join us in service to Christ and our neighbor.

The pastor, director of education and family ministries, and pastoral assistant provide staff support, coordination and resources for the above ministry areas.