Frequent Questions

You are planning a marriage
Call the church office to schedule your wedding and make an initial appointment with the pastor. You may complete and submit the wedding information form by clicking here. It is not unusual for a wedding to be scheduled one year in advance. Once your wedding is on the church calendar and you have had the initial meeting with the pastor, you can begin making all of the necessary arrangements.

There is a birth in the family
Call the church office as soon as possible because not all of the hospitals notify us when someone has given birth.

You want to schedule a baptism
The sacrament of Holy Baptism is a celebration that takes place within the worship service. Please call the church office to schedule a baptism and submit the baptism information form by clicking here. In the event of an emergency, special arrangements can be made to have the pastor baptize a child at the hospital.

You have a prayer request
Call or e-mail your prayer requests to the church office.

You move or change in your household
Please notify the church office immediately. It is important for us that our church membership records are kept accurate. Having your new address will also help avoid unnecessary fees with the postal service. You may also submit the member information update form by going to the forms page. Click here to go to the forms page.

You want to volunteer at St. Paul’s
Go to the Volunteer | Get Involved section by clicking here. Your interest will be forwarded to the appropriate individual or ministry coordinator.

In need of pastoral care | hospital visit | home communion
Contact the church office. A member of the pastoral staff will be notified of your request. Please note that not all hospitals have a means of notifying the church when a patient is admitted. Make sure the church office knows the room number and hospital. Sometimes room numbers or changes in room numbers may not be available at the hospital because of hospital privacy regulations. In the event of an emergency, contact the pastor directly.

You are interested in joining our faith communion and partnering with us in mission.
To receive more information or schedule a visit with the pasto, please contact the pastor through the church office or email Please complete the Congregation Directory Form to be placed on the mailing list. Click here to go to the forms page.

You are interested in enrolling a child in the Upper Perkiomen Child Care Center
We encourage you to call the Center office at 215.679.0221, extension 114 to schedule a personal tour and learn more about our program. You may also wish to explore our weekday program at our website by clicking here.

You are interested in enrolling a child in the Sunday Church School
Contact the director of education and family ministry. A Sunday School Registration may be found on the forms page. Click here to go to the forms page.

You are interested in researching the genealogical records of St. Paul’s – Red Hill
Contact the church office by using the form found on the Genealogical Records page. Click here to proceed to the page where the request form may be found.